The NFRN Mutual is always looking for ways to reduce what you pay for your shop cover and so as part of the Mutual annual review of its rates we have been able to make some reductions to the rates in a number of NFRN districts who will now benefit from more competitive prices.

We are committed to providing the best cover for retailers and finding ways to improve the service being offered.  In difficult times when there are a number of claims its not always possible to offer rate reductions.  These changes should affect retailers in a number of areas who have now been rated on our lowest risk bands which means more competitive prices and our requirements have been relaxed in relation to the level of security that we may require. Some retailers in central city locations have also seen a rate reduction as a result of on going research into crime statistics.

The Mutual has also looked to expand offering cover to a wider range of high street retailers and in particular larger convenience stores.  Those stores which are the larger more convenience type shops should also see improved rates from last year as we have been able to widen our cover levels.  If you’ve had a quote from us previously but chose to get cover elsewhere then please give us a try again as we may be able to assist you now.

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