The Mutual speaks to retailers from all areas of the UK and Northern Ireland and shops of all sizes can become Members of the Mutual as the cover we provide is tailor made to suit the individual requirements of the retailers themselves.

Interesting then, that some retailers are not taking advantage of this and choosing inferior cover to try and make savings as we start another year. Where possible the Mutual tries to help members by keeping their prices static, and highlighting areas of shortfall in alternative quotes that retailers may receive at renewal time.

Recently a retailer provided us with an alternative quote which he had received,  offering him cover for a cheaper price than the Mutual was able to provide.  Naturally he was keen to take the cover with the new company and make the ‘saving’.  We agreed to check the quote for him to be sure that he had the right cover for his needs.  The alternative quotation contained some minimum requirements that the retailer should have in place regarding his alarm and security at the premises.  In this instance it was established that the requirement was far above the level of protection the member had in place at his shop. This is likely to result in any theft related claim being refused by the insurer if the retailer has not met this requirement.

This case really highlights the importance of not choosing a product simply based on cost alone and not taking the risk of inferior cover.

Wishing all our Members a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.