Like you the NFRN Mutual is hearing of more and more cases of stock thefts from cars whilst they are in Cash and Carry car parks or during the drive back to the shop to unload. The main target for criminals is, unsurprisingly, cigarettes due to their high value and ease of sale.  Criminals are also becoming more brazen, no longer waiting for you to leave your vehicle while returning your trolley, they are now willing to push you aside while they make off with your high value stock.


You probably heard the shocking story last month where two thieves were sentenced for manslaughter.  A brave shopkeeper was killed as he tried to stop thieves who had broken into his van in a Cash and Carry car park in Watford. The retailer ran and jumped through the open side door of the thieves van in a desperate attempt to regain his items but was pushed out and hit the ground fracturing his skull.


Whilst the NFRN Mutual can help you pick up the pieces if you are the victim of crime by replacing damaged and stolen property, both the Mutual and the police would prefer you were never in these potentially dangerous situations.

Here is a list of steps to take to minimise the threat when buying high value stock:

  • You should ensure that someone remains near your vehicle, when loading and unloading stock.
  • If you are on your own or need and leave your vehicle, perhaps to return a trolley, you should lock it and always try to keep it in sight.
  • You should look to vary your route back to your shop and avoid making it obvious that you have large quantities of cigarettes in your possession.
  • During transit attempt to keep high value stock items covered and out of sight and if you notice anything suspicious, you should notify the police immediately or drive to your nearest police station.
  • Finally all high value goods should be removed from your vehicle immediately on arrival at your store.

Please always be aware and keep safe.